I.  Trout Brook

Trout Brook is the principle water running through the property. Trout brook has always been an excellent supply of water. It is the source of a wonderful wilderness area, an untouched habitat home to giant blue herons, beaver, and native brown and brook trout.

II.  Shekomeko Creek

Shekomeko Creek and Trout Brook meet in a confluence at the old civil war era railroad trestle abutments, creating a beautiful trout hole. The Shekomeko runs along a "glen" on the southern edge of the property.

III.  Access

Trout Brook runs pastorally by the Adirondack camp and the 175 year old barn.

IV.  Bridge

An old concrete vaulted bridge spans the Trout Brook to maintain a road along the abandoned mid 19th century railroad embankment.

V.  Native Trout

Both creeks are home to native brown and brook trout.

VI.  Beaver dams

Trout Brook is known to be dammed by beavers from time to time.

VII.  Habitat

An unspoiled and untouched wetland habitat for flora and fauna runs along Trout Brook.

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